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Jul 26, 2012 4:30am EDT
. a judge's barring news cameras from the next court hearing for the accused gunman james holmes. a judge denied the request for camera after weighing issues including whether such coverage would interfere with having a fair trial. his neighbors are allowed back home after investigators searched his apartment. he may have mailed a notebook to the university of colorado detail in his plan to carry out the mass shooting. now the latest details from. >> a huge clue about the suspected shooter in the movie theater massacre. james holmes may have mailed to the university of colorado, a school attended until dropping out last month a notebook detailing his plan to carry out the massacre. fox news has quoted a law- enforcement source said the notebook contains full details about how he was planning to kill people, including graphic illustrations and descriptions of killing one another. there was for a 51-year-old who went to the moveie with his teenage children. >> it was hard. >> many of the law enforcement heroes paid tribute to the victim's. >> we are all affected by this greatly. >> this mor
Jul 24, 2012 4:30am EDT
penalty against james holmes. prexy appeared in court yesterday for the first time since his arrest. his hair was dyed bright reddish orange. he appeared drowsing. prosecutors did not know if he was on medication. some of the victim's family members did attend yesterday's hearing. one man said that he feared he would lash out in the courtroom after his sister was killed. >> some banker has recently come out of me -- some anger. >> one of the victims who survived friday shooting is about to attend college in our region. >> tom roussey has that story. >> in colorado courtroom, the accused shooter james holmes looked tired making bizarre facial expressions. he never said a word. >> given the nature of the charges, you are being held on no parole. prexy murdered 12 people and injured 58 more during a midnight screening of the batman movie in aurora, colorado. one of the 58 the victims and survived had enrolled to start graduate school in music at the university maryland this fall. our facebook page lists her has already living in washington. >> she loves composing. >> she was in a small mus
Jul 30, 2012 4:30am EDT
like to meet holmes. >> i would say i would forgive you and i would ask if i could him.for every person deserves forgiveness. >> he says he can forgive ho mes does want him to spend the rest of his life in prison. prosecutors say neil prescott charged after he psychiatric evaluation. authorities found guns and apartment. in his >> investigators trying to find caused a re. fire broke out last night. dozens of firefighters responded cat.hey rescued a everybody made it out safely. >> a drowning of a boy has been accidental. police are not sure if the gate pool was left open or the opened it. police say a woman was last around noon on saturday in heights. anybody with information is asked to call prince george's county police. 4:33. there was a milestone. marks 100 days before the toricans had to the polls select the next commander in chief. mitt romney will visit poland. hisitt romney made clear israel, especially in light of concern that iran is to build nuclear .eapons his presence was not without controversy. if israel has to take actions on own, the governor would .espect that
Jul 16, 2012 4:30am EDT
. >>-- holmes. >> she won an oscar award in "gentlemen's agreement." she was 95. >> the son of actor sylvester stallone was found dead in his los angeles home on friday. it was confirmed prescription bottles were found inside, but it was not confirmed if they contributed to his death. >> nba star jason kidd just signed with the new york knicks and is already facing trouble off the court. the 39-year-old was arrested yesterday on a drunken-driving charge after he crashed his suv into a telephone pole in the hamptons. he was treated for minor injuries and released without bail after being arraigned on a misdemeanor dwi charge. >> the queen of soul may have her eye on a new judge as a jeob as a judge on "american idol. the show lost two judges last week when steven tyler and jennifer lopez announced they would not be coming back next season. fox has not commented on the e- mail from aretha franklin. >> now to the weekend box office. prehistoric critters ran off with a big win. ice age earned $36 million in its opening weekend. coming in second was the amazing spider-man at $35 million. -- ice age
Jul 23, 2012 4:30am EDT
of james holmes the 24-year-old suspect with no criminal record. he was reportedly brilliant and relatively isolated. he has been accused of planning a diabolical attacked. now a community is enough to hold memorials in the wake of a madness that no one can comprehend. >> all of us in this local community were affected by what happened on friday. we will never be the same. >> the suspect is scheduled to make his first court appearance on monday. jay korff reporting, abc 7 news. >> mitt romney says the president was a decision to visit colorado was the right thing and that he appreciated president obama's actions. he made the comment at a fund- raiser in san francisco. it opened with a moment of silence. >> virginia senate candidate tim kaine and tim allen also spoken about the shooting. >> it brought up painful memories of similar events, the shooting at virginia tech five years ago, the shooting nearby at the apalachicola few years before that. as we think about victims and their families, if we are not thinking about democrats or republicans. >> regardless of where somebody went to colleg
Jul 31, 2012 4:30am EDT
murder charges. the suspected gunman in the movie theater shooting james holmes, has been charged with 24 counts of murder. that is to bank accounts for each of the 12 people killed and 58 injured. -- is two accounts for each of the 12 people killed and 58 injured. a local man's generosity has been impacted by the shooting. lenny robinson has been bumped from visits to hospitals. he says the hospitals are worried he would scare children. jay korff has his story. >> this is why lenny robinson dresses up like batman and visit sick children. he has been spreading a message of strength and hope. in march, he was pulled over for having a bad man license plate. when they learned he was going to the hospital, he did not get a ticket. >> everybody is lifted to a higher spirits and you see tears during the smiles. >> his cross-country tour started six weeks ago when he got a custom made at mobile. he has made a dozen appearances but something unforeseen and unforgivable happened along the way. a dozen moviegoers were gunned down while attending the new batman movie. robinson was in idaho. robinson
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6